If you own a pet, then vacuum cleaning has definitely become and everyday task. It will definitely be the best way to remove hair from the carpet and the overall flooring. Swiping them with a regular broom will only anger the hair and fly them all over. There are also vacuum cleaners specially designed for pet hair. They might cost more, but it will be an investment for your house and your health.

dog hair cleaning ideas

  • Bathe Some More

Especially during springtime, take the chance to refresh and cool off your pet with a bath. Bathing often will significantly reduce the amount of hair loss of your dog all around the house. Use an appropriate shampoo you can find in all pet shops, and groom your dog a little. Perhaps a little now and then haircut is also a nice solution.

  •  Brush regularly

Brushing your dog regularly is key to control and reduce the amount of dog hair laying around in your house. You can buy a brush at any pet store or better yet take your furry friend to the vet or groomer. Since every race sheds differently and has different shed needs, they can recommend the perfect brush for your doggie.

  • Protect Your Furniture

The worst thing is your couch covered in dog hair, especially when you are expecting company and the couch is in a nowhere condition to be used. Furniture with synthetic fabric tends to draw all of your pet’s hair on them. Couches and sofas can be cleaned with a  vacuum as well, just make sure you use the right upholstery cleaning attachments. For every other surface, you can purchase some big cleaning rollers specially designed for dog hair. This will save you some time while attempting to clean often all of your furniture.

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  • Flooring and Wooden Surfaces

Hardwood floors and kitchen tops are beautiful shining surfaces where during spring and fall large amount of your dog’s hair are being found. Fortunately, these are pretty easy to clean cases. Use some microfiber cloth, along with your favorite cleaner. Microfiber cloths are specially designed to trap hair and dust out surfaces easily and without risking damaging them. Once you start to clean often the house, these microfiber cloths will be a great asset.

  • Robber Cloves

All households have rubber gloves somewhere in the kitchen. These ordinary gloves can perform miracles on your hairy carpet or any other surface of furniture. All you have to do it put them on and get them just a little wet. Start swiping the surface of the furniture or the carpet, and watch as the hair easily disappears in your glove, without making any extra effort.

As you can see there are many ways to keep up with pet hair issues in your house. However, the best approach to control pet shedding is to clean often. A weekly or biweekly house cleaning is a no-brainer for your household if you want to keep at bay your pet shedding.