Many homeowners believe that the best season for maintenance and general cleaning of houses is fall. However, it is best if you have some maintenance done every season to ensure utmost cleanliness and perfect condition of all parts of your home. However, it is true though that it’s great if you could schedule maintenance during the fall season so you can prepare for the coming of winter. Here are some simple house maintenance tips that you can check out.

Fall Maintenance for Your Home Exterior

Home Exterior

In Houston, we don’t really get snow on winter. In fact, according to the George Bush Intercontinental Airport, we only get an average of 9.6 days of freezing temperature in a year. Because of this, there’s not really much you have to do for your home exterior during fall to prepare for the coming of winter. Here are some things you may want to check though:

  1. Fall is a great time for you to have landscaping done on your garden. Especially if you have plants that are seasonal, it is best to have these maintained by a landscaping expert for a picturesque house in time for the holiday season.

  2. If you have any exterior furniture in your lawn or patio, then it’s probably time to put it in storage unless you have a covered area outdoors.

  3. Have your roof and drainage system checked during the fall season to prepare for an unexpected downpour.

Maintenance for the House Interior

When you’re done with all the landscaping and other exterior maintenance needs of your house, it is time to move indoors. In the interior of your house, it’s time to turn the rugs or replace them with new ones. The sweat and dirt brought into your home by summer requires a lot of cleaning to make way for a cozy house in the winter season. Here are some things you can do about your home’s interior this fall:

  1. Have some maintenance and checking done by your local plumber and/or an electrician on all your drainages, faucets, heater systems, wirings, etc.

  2. Get assistance from professional cleaners to thoroughly clean furniture, appliances, carpets, upholstery and everything else in your home’s interior. We at Bee Maids are here to help you with some of these needs.

  3. Your mattresses should also be cleaned during this time. Unless your mattress allows you to DIY the cleaning, you can also call on professional matress cleaners to have these vacuumed, washed and dried during the fall season.

  4. If you have a fireplace, then it’s time to clean it. Throw away old ashes and get help in cleaning the chimney to remove blockages as this can cause a lot of dirt and trouble in the interior of your house if not properly maintained.

 This small list is just a compilation of the many things you can do to maintain one of the most important investments in your life.