Getting rid of stuff is something that is hard to do for a lot of people. Organizing your stuff is something people should do when drawers are overflowing, closets get crowded, and there is no more room in your shelves. Getting rid of one’s discards can be a challenge because people tend to have trouble letting go of things. Below are ways that can help you get rid of coffee mugs, kitchen stuff, receipts, magazine, mail, and other unwanted stuff that.

Kitchen stuff can accumulate over time and take a lot of space in your kitchen cabinets. Take everything out of the cabinets and put back what you use on a regular basis. This will also let you know what you have. That way you don’t need to buy rarely used kitchen stuff.

Another item that uses a lot of space in your cabinets are coffee mugs. You must get rid of coffee mugs that you don’t use, even if they were given to you as a gift. Keep the ones that you use and dispose of the rest. You can sell on Facebook groups the coffee mugs that can still be used. Check your local Facebook groups.

Another type of item that you find in the kitchen is plastic containers. You might have bottoms and lids that don’t match. Take the time to gather all your plastic containers and match the tops with the bottoms. Then recycle the rest if you can’t find their partners.

There are instances when your pantry is full of food. Be sure to check their expiration dates. If you find items that are near their expiration dates, use them within a week. If you find food items in good condition and that you will not be using, then donate them to the local charity.

 Spices don’t appear to go bad, but they don’t last forever. Be sure to smell or taste the spices every once in a while to find out if they still have their flavor. If they have gone bland, throw them away.

 Receipts take up space and clutter your desk. Be sure to check with your accountant to find out how long receipts should be kept, as well as important documents such as tax returns. Records that support tax returns can be disposed of safely after seven years.

 If you have stacks of magazines at home, you should consider donating them to a retirement home, doctor’s office, school, or hospital. You can avoid accumulating lots of magazines by subscribing to your favorite magazines apps on your smartphone or tablet.

 Mail is another thing that can accumulate over time. Some people don’t even bother opening the envelope and just place the mail on top of their desk or countertop. To make mail disappear, you should dispose of junk mail right away. You must also keep bills in a container.

 Chances are your closet is full of clothes. There are some clothes that you don’t even want to wear, whether they don’t fit, don’t like or need repair. You should donate clothes that you don’t wear to de-clutter your closet.

 Electronics and their paraphernalia often clog up your cabinets and desks. You need to sort through the items and match the cords with the right device. If you have old cell phones, donate them to organizations that accept them. There are electronics that need to be recycled properly. These include computers, printers and cellphones.

 In conclusion, by getting rid of the clutter in your home on a regular basis you will be able to enjoy a tidy and organized home. Less clutter means less chaos hence more freedom to enjoy whatever you love to do.